The Best Pica Rulers for Typography, Graphic Design, and More

What’s another name for one-sixth of an inch? If you’re a typography nerd, you probably know the answer: a pica. Used commonly to measure the size of typeset letters, the pica can further be broken into points (12 points = 1 pica). Like inches and centimeters, these can be measured using a simple ruler. If you work in publishing or graphic design, you’ll need one that is at the very least accurate and easily deciphered. Depending on your needs, you can purchase pica rulers with all sorts of other calibrations, like inches or agate. We’ve rounded up five favorites to help you make your choice. A note before you shop: Before desktop publishing (DTP) standardized typesetting measurements around the world, a pica was understood as approximately one sixth of an inch, but standards varied from country to country. Know that all our picks below are accurate for the modern DTP pica.

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