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The Best Mosaic Tiles for Learning an Ancient Craft

A form that’s lasted more than 4,000 years, mosaic art originated in ancient Mesopotamia. It further developed among the Greeks, who used stones and pebbles to make their designs. But the medium really took off thanks to the Romans, who developed a mini-mosaic style that produced elaborate compositions and lifelike renderings in works that covered entire floors. In more recent centuries, mosaic art saw a resurgence during the Victorian era, when an Etruscan revival (the Etruscans predated the Romans on the Italian peninsula) engendered a comeback of mosaic jewelry and decorative objects. Today, crafting with tiles remains au courant, with artists of all skill levels using them to decorate planters, bird feeders, tabletops, and much more. We’ve searched the market for tiles to make your mosaic work shine; peruse our selection of the best below. 

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