I believe in Artists, Values & Heritage.

Art is a Family DNA.

👉 I am a independent Art Advisor working with Influencer technologies:

_Consulting in acquisition and sale of Art and collectibles.

_Digital Strategy Consulting (Branding and artistic collaborations).

🇨🇵 _Conseil en acquisition-ventes d’art et d’objets de Collections et Conseil en Stratégie digitale (Branding et collaborations artistiques).

👉Who I love working with?

_All the players on the art market (art collectors, auction houses, art fairs, art galleries, artists…)

_Brands that are looking for collaboration with the best visual artists & lifestyle who match their DNA.

I will be delighted you to join

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Certains d’entre vous savent déjà que je suis référencé une agence d’influenceurs à New-York depuis octobre 2018. C’est un véritable atout pour rendre plus visible les artistes que je montre sur mon blog et sur Instagram, LinkedIn, Snap, etc… Votre avis comme tous vos commentaires comptent, j’ai donc besoin de vous pour remplir le questionnaire suivant. Un grand merci !! 😘🔹🔸🔹


Some of you already know that I have been listed as an influencers’ agency in New York since October 2018. It is a real asset to make more visible the artists I show on my blog and on Instagram, LinkedIn, Snap, etc…. Your opinion and all your comments matter, so I need you to complete the following questionnaire. A big thank you!! 😘🔹🔸🔹