『•』 A gesture suspended in space 🌔 Yesterday, a teenager at home asked me why the sculpture – a mobile – suspended from the ceiling was a work of art. I asked him : “Why are you looking at it ?” Silence. Then I show him with a smile my two fine bamboo chimes hanging from a wooden beam a little further on “What difference do you feel ? “It’s the sculpture I’m looking at…” 😚 “Both come to life with a draught or movements we make in the room. One sounds and the mobile has 2 colours on (back/front), a fine thread and shapes changing constantly. You can imagine the gesture of the artist, his gaze & movements of his working hand, do you ? ” ✨ “Is that what a work of art is ?” “If it captivates you, it might 😉 ” ” A free motion sculpture reminds me also that our world evolves outside our desire for control, sometimes we just have to let it roll” “You go far away ^^… ” Aha. Then he continued to watch the sculpture transform before his eyes. I enjoyed this moment, as I like to do in museums, by observing the still reactions – sometimes intense – of the viewers. Read their emotions, a gesture, a smile, a look of incomprehension and always a moment suspended and then someone who comes to get them “Where were you ?” Exactly the question I ask myself each time ! Where are they in the present moment ? That’s why I chose Carlos’ sculpture in this pic with drops – like thoughts – of water in suspension🔸🔹🔸