『•』 Looking back at the sales results 🗂️ in New York auctions, I am pleasantly surprised to see Sotheby’s restore, with remarkable mastery, a healthy balance on the prices of the artworks sold. ⁣
This has certainly, I think, also had the effect of increasing their overall sales. ⁣

It is a positive sign for the modern art market in my opinion and a signal for high-profile investors. ⁣

I could mention the spectacular prices that have punctuated the media coverage of the latter in art magazines/Reviews – a big thank you to the auction houses that sent me their reports 👌✨ – ⁣

But…I prefer to stress the fact that, apart from a few highly sought-after pieces more singular or rarely seen before, the prices of many modern and older artworks have become more realistic. ⁣

One of the medium- and long-term effects of this rebalancing is a greater assurance of having works that increase in value over time instead of stagnating, or even ending up being sold much later below their evaluation… ⁣

I always think of my artist friends whose current or future careers depend on these better regulated prices and of course also of my clients investors and collector friends in search of wonderful treasures…

To be continued ! ⁣

By the way, the artwork on this pic is from #andreraffray & #marcelduchamp …It is about Chocolate 😉 What do You think it is ?? ⁣