Light and darkness 🌓 ⁣


This painting style or how to free myself, in my opinion, from impressionistic and modern visual habits… with all these colours which sometimes extinguishes my field of vision and makes my head turn – even if I must admit that I like wasting my bearings in space to fully enjoy every moment present ✨- ⁣

Soulages : Black and painting. Like when I open my eyes at night and I’m not at home, on holiday for example, not necessarily at someone else’s house 😅 aha, I have this feeling of being slightly disoriented. ⁣

Never lost 🔥 – I have a good sense of direction 😉 – but as between the world of sleep and that of a traveller who would no longer know where he is, for a short moment. ⁣

First of all, I can’t see anything. My eyes open several times gently. Then, I distinguish shapes and finally, lines of scraps of diffuse then brighter light.⁣

They cling discreetly and underline with a certain torpor the reliefs, and especially the objects, of the place around me. ⁣

Naturally, I am looking for landmarks and therefore a meaning to my presence in this place. ⁣

Space slowly comes to life and answers come to my mind. I remember. ⁣

The light guides my gaze, towards the other near me or towards this object just a few meters away, and gives a real depth, sensitive and even outright physical, to what I feel. ⁣

I then feel well or totally helpless. I now know where I am and whether it is good to be there again… ⁣

The light always reassures me. Like a lighthouse – I would have liked to see the one in Alexandria – or a friend when I am alone at sea in a dense night heckled by the waves of storms and the unexpected. ⁣

I learned from a scientific friend that there is no such thing as cold, that what we call cold is actually an absence of heat. ⁣

With Soulages, I tell myself that maybe there is no darkness either, that it is just a lack of light. ⁣

In this painting where until recently I saw nothing, I also see today landmarks in my questions about things that still seem inaccessible to me. I’m looking for the light. Everywhere.⁣

Whether in art history – I was already used to deciphering the themes of abstraction – or on more existential subjects. Soulages makes me understand that there are always elements of answers to discover. ⁣

The darkness, like every enigma that an unexpected event in my life poses to me, reveals other paths to follow. ⁣

For the first time, with this painting, I liked the black. You’ll never see me in black, I prefer navy blue, out of habit… ⁣

Now I want to go to Rodez, in his museum, to learn even more…

See you later ;)🔹🔸🔹⁣

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