This morning I was among the trees ⁣


at the Cartier Foundation during the preview press. ⁣

This art place is a glass case on several floors created by #jeannouvel and set between the arms of an almost wild greenery – in which are scattered beautiful and discreet contemporary sculptures – that makes me completely forget that I am in town. ⁣

I’m disconnecting… and almost forgot my laptop – part of my current life 😅 – on one of the garden tables. OMG !!⁣

When I am there, I feel like I am lifting the lid that I sometimes feel above Paris and breathing like when I do my morning yoga. With deep and long exhalations. ⁣

Nature and art are outside and… inside. ⁣
When I read the title #nouslesarbres #wethetrees I imagined the cartoons I watched as a child in which they came to life and talked to us, with Wisdom, about the things of life. ⁣

Reading one of the explanations that tells us about the exhibition, I learn that the first known fossil forest dates back 385 million years and we humans have only existed for 300,000 years. ⁣

I also think that despite all the constraints we impose on Nature – there is a video that touched me a lot about deforestation due to agriculture and cattle breeding – it was there long before us and that it will (in what form, we’ll might see) certainly be there long after us. ⁣

I see the corruption of things as a process in formation and as the sailor who sometimes lives in me, I am not sure that we will succeed – even unconsciously – in defeating life on Earth. ⁣

I think more so that it is our own human life that we are actually putting at risk… ⁣I also really liked all the details provided by the curators of the exhibition. Like a jungle, the subject around the trees is vast and dense and I appreciated the landmarks and explanations of the staff present. ⁣

I learned so much from Stefano Mancuso about the new fields of investigation of plant neurobiology concerning plant intelligence. ⁣

I knew the shamans and the link that these descendants of healers through plants continue to transmit, sometimes with spiritual notions. ⁣
I discovered today that trees do not have a brain, and therefore no pyramidal organization like us, but that they constantly communicate – as a network – with each other to protect themselves from their environment. ⁣

When a tree detects an intrusion (viruses, dangerous insects…) defences can be put in place and when it reacts quickly and effectively, it transmits to its species its “experience”…Crazy!⁣

& Fascinating… ⁣

What do you think about that? ⁣

The exhibition starts tomorrow. Parisians and travellers, it IS a good move to do & see.⁣

On leaving this place, I observe ⁣
Under the sun, the walls of the building, which are actually glass surfaces. They shine like mirrors while letting my gaze pass through the spaces from whatever angle I am. ⁣

In a few seconds, I’ll be in town. Already.⁣

See you soon! 🔸🔹🔸

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