or how to let the imagination build the image I can have of reality. ⁣

When I look at these paintings, I think of the deep colours that relax me there, in front of me, in these small-format paintings, but also of the tests that have used all these abstract or even cubic forms. ⁣

I tell myself that I can see what I want in these tests as in any painting, according to my history, my mood and how I feel when I think about it. ⁣

As a mirror of art history where I can believe that there is no history, no before and no continuity, I can also tell myself that I can interpret everything because everything seems interpretable. ⁣

Is that true? ⁣

Not so sure. ⁣

There is my feeling and the history of the artist, his teaching and our time.⁣

What I like about #sebastianblack is to simply put on a plastic form the questioning I see and which, of course, only involves my point of view 😉 ⁣

Is everything really relative today? Or are things linked and connected in this way between them and between us do they make sense? A meaning that gives me perspective on my time, on my life choices and especially on my possible certainties in this world. ⁣

When I walk around here, like nothing, from one painting to another, among a few drawings and these canvases rounded in their lines, almost feminine and therefore terribly sensitive, that’s what I think of… ⁣

I hope you like Sebastian’s work too?

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