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Sally Mann: The fragility of the compromise

The fragility of the compromise 🛶

At the opening, Sally wasn’t there. There were people speaking for her.

I wondered if being a photographer and an artist was enough to say things without having to talk about them.

Some of my artist friends think so and tell me, but as we talk, I realize that they don’t need anyone to tell them who they are and why they do it. They just need time to think about it and feel confident.

I read the praise from newspapers like liberation, slate, or videos on YouTube, etc… What I could find to better understand Sally Mann’s work Nothing surprised me.

Once again, I do not understand the politically correct, the worldly praise or the incomprehensible texts – which have no real meaning in my eyes, a little as if forests were regularly planted to hide the tree at the origin of the artist’s gaze, forests when Amazonia is burning and there are so many inequalities in this world –

What I see in Sally is an American story, a feminine sensibility as a mother and woman of a world, the one of the 20th century with its wars, its new techniques and so rooted in a distant European past of value, conflict and calm.

I deeply like the work of Dorothea Lange and I feel Sally’s work as a natural continuation of work and documentation on a world whose values were gradually disappearing.

In an exhibition of this magnitude, I would like to see more social context and cultural and historical comparisons.

I believe there are many cultural differences and beliefs between our European culture and American culture. To better understand Sally and the majority of American artists, I need more material on their imagination.

One day, I will talk to you about cartels in museums too in recent years, which I would like to change so much.

Sally’s children and then her magnificent landscapes are, for me, those of a nation, an idealized America as in the series of my childhood. As in all competitions that are part of the American imagination on beauty, the relationship to the natural environment and the criteria for social success. When she takes these pictures, it’s also the time of Kramee versus Kramer, do you know? The first film that marked his time by talking about the divorce between two people. The years of many of these photos are the years of profound changes that have created, I think, the complex, cold and burning, superficial and dense world of today but also so rich in dialogue thanks to the Internet.

I understand that Sally avoids social events, I avoid them as much as possible, but nothing can replace the voice of an artist for me.

Here, I really liked the shadow of this picture, it looks like a memory.

I hope that the Parisians who follow me on social networks have gone to see this beautiful exhibition 🌻 at Le Jeu de Paume 🙂


First record Art auctions 2019



#ClaudeMonet: “Les Grounds” from 1890, 110 million @ Sotheby’s⁣

#JeffKoons: “Rabbit” 91 million @Christie’s ⁣

#Rauschenberg: “Buffalo II”, painting with John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 88 million @christies ⁣

#LouiseBourgeois: “Spider” from 1997 for $32 million @ Christie’s ⁣

#FranckStella: “Point of Pines” from 1959, 28 million @christiesinc ‘s.⁣

#PaulSignac: “Port at sunset” 25.9 million⁣

#GustaveCaillebotte: “Rising road” 22 million⁣

#PierreBonnard: “A terrace in Grasse” 19.5 million @ Christie’s .⁣

#Balthus: “Therese on a bench” 19 million @ Christie’s⁣

#Kaws aka Brian Donnelly;) The Kaws Album” from 2005 €14.7 million @sothebys


Spark of life – Teresa’s Project

『•』Spark of life 🤰🌌✨ She is not (only) a designer_arty`√ biologist 🌕⁣⁣⁣

I’m going to tell you a new story. The story that gave Teresa the impetus for this project….⁣
How to make light a living being…Einstein would love this concept 😉⁣⁣⁣
Teresa Vandongen uses luminescent bacteria, which is strange and a bit enchanting, to show everyone a normally invisible phenomenon: There is a type of bacteria extracted from the mud that continuously produces electrons, i.e. energy and energy that is dispersed in the environment without man actually using it yet.⁣⁣⁣
As during my university studies in philosophy with epistemology, I really like all the bridges with science.⁣⁣⁣

Teresa discovered counter-luminescence when she learned that squid feed bacteria with the nutrients they absorb and in exchange, in case of danger, the bacteria transform and make the marine animal invisible… Then Teresa became interested in the bioluminescence used by octopuses to communicate with each other. ⁣

From there, she went on to look for an energy source by connecting a special electrode in the bacteria that naturally produce electrons from the mud.⁣

And you know what else? They give light to leds all the time and it is enough to simply feed these bacteria once every two weeks… 😯⁣

Teresa’s project also talks deeper to me about taking care of our environment so that it takes care of us. ⁣

Here is her website:

⁣⁣⁣How would be the art world too without the living world? May be just a concept!;)⁣⁣⁣⁣

The sentimentality of objects

『•』The sentimentality of objects 🌄✨🖤

In the first room, I see a hut made of trees so high that I couldn’t believe the height of the roof. An old bell tower, certainly. I really liked this part that sucked my gaze upwards, all the way up without me seeing either the ceiling or the sky. It reminded me of my crossing of #sequoiapark in California. A pure memory of fine and tall and ancient trees as far as the eye can see in the mountains… There are places where the perspective makes me feel so far from the sky and yet not really down to earth.

Then I entered the room next door, where the Cathy Wilkes exhibition is located, where you can see some of the work here.

Cathy’s work is my favorite this summer 2019. It is simply the installation that has touched me most recently with its overall atmosphere, the interplay between sculptures and objects and a sense of humility and caring.

The first two things I felt were the calm, almost sad but soothed like the feeling I have when I think of a missing friend, then the work on natural light.

I read a lot of texts and reviews about Cathy and like 90% of the time, I read words and concepts and sentences that made no sense to me 😅 The opposite of what I like in a dialogue, even in writing.

On the other hand, I listened to the artist and like 100% of the time, I understood better. Cathy talks about her fragility, her compassion and the existential and daily measure that objects give her in relation to the closeness she has with each of them. As if they were an extension of oneself by the charge that I can give them as a symbol or the memory that they remind me of.

She is not the only artist to link our memory to objects or to make us feel this reality that passes in time and the things that belong to us (only for a moment) but here, there is a light and dense gesture that gives me chills on my skin when I think about it.

Cathy Wilkes is the artist for the British Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2019.


Do Hu Suh|Kaws 2 Artworlds

『•』 Do Hu Suh|Kaws 2 Artworlds ⚡⁣

How well do you know them?? Read👇share this review and tell me what you think 🙂

Do ho suh shows me – as I feel it anyway – a world where detachment and uprooting is both physical, in space, and intellectual, in the landmarks created by our imagination to adapt us.

His installations – behind me;) – reproduce buildings in their smallest details in real size thanks to semi-transparent curtains suspended and mounted like architectures.

It is light, fragile and it gives me the impression of being like in a dream, like in this world today or sometimes I no longer know if I am present or absent.

Do uses traditional Korean sewing techniques combined with 3D modeling and mapping to make his “suitcase houses” capable of being transported as a minimalist, quasi-survivalist “home”.⁣

👨🎤 Kaws is an OMG phenomenon!!!⁣

In 2018, $33.8 million was auctioned (+260% /2017 including five figures exceeding 1 million )

His strategy? Make toys and show them off and not just play on an image, as luxury players usually do, and of course funky and clever partnerships. ⁣

There is also its use of social networks. I still remember an interview in 1999 when no one knew him. With Instagram and by playing with the codes of today’s pop culture, Kaws has been able to change the game and switch to the world of art. Kind of like The Strategy of #andywharol in the 60s;) ⁣
Moreover, and the 2019 figures that I have not yet given you prove it, Kaws continues to grow in the art market with the active support of several museums and that of Alberto Mugrabi, who is also the world’s largest collector of Andy Warhol’s works. ⁣

To be continued….⁣


Art Market Prestige Auto Review 2019

『•』 A freewheeling auction 🙈 A start planned at 13 million dollars 🔥 launched at 30 million ^^

Through this Daniel Arsham car I observe the fundamental changes in the art market according to the trends, which are changing profoundly at the moment, but also the emotions that shake it and have financial consequences.

Have you heard about this crazy auction of the Porsche Type 64, built by Ferdinand Porsche in 1939?

An auctioneer who makes calls at 30, 40 up to 70 million dollars then instead of figures supposed to be between 13 and 17 million 😅

Why? The emotions, certainly, record sales in recent years too and a great car to sale of course.

Then, a scoreboard – the one where the auctions are displayed on a wall in the auctions room- which rectifies the announced figures… Wow. Unusual.

My first reaction was to tell me that the figures were pushed for a spectacular sale and then, in the face of embarrassment, they were in a hurry to rectify the situation. “It worked for Banksy; it didn’t work for RM,” said collectors in the room as I read in the New York Times

Moreover, no bid has exceeded 17 million and the car is still looking for a buyer.

But that’s not all I see in this sale.

Concerning the historical luxury car, one of the indicators is the “Concours Elegance” in Pebble Beach, Monterey and this market, my friends, is in decline by $125 million in 2019.

Why’s that?

The overall sales rate for auctions in this collection car market decreased also by 4% this year.

Hagerty, a well-known insurance company for this type of property, notes a 13% decrease in contracts in 2019.

👉 As in the art market, it’s rather amusing but real, there’s a swivel towards more recent goods.

In my opinion, it is a question of negotiating prices that are more in line with the reality of the extent of collectors – not all of whom are ready to put more than a million dollars in a car – but also a question of generation…

The market also follows the references of a generation that rediscovers its memories of teenagers and the generation of the very old car is slowly disappearing…

Have a good day!

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Breaking Youtube news

『•』 Breaking news 🌟⁣⁣⁣⁣

I just received this email from YouTube Creators 🙈 ⁣⁣⁣⁣
I started this Youtube channel two months ago with @artbasel 2019⁣⁣⁣⁣ & @brtelisa 🙏
100 is nothing, on the surface, but for me it’s a lot! ⁣⁣⁣⁣
Do You have a Youtube channel ? Put your channel here in comments 👇 or the one on the youtuber you prefer! ☀️⁣⁣⁣
The Youtube format is different from Instagram’s, starting with the way of filming and then the editing which needs to be more elaborate and full of other details. ⁣⁣⁣⁣
A thank you by passing to the youtubers so talented from which I am inspired as @jeremnadeau @caseynestat @garyvee @hugop0say @adamruinseverything …⁣⁣⁣⁣
Thanks to all of you who have already subscribed to my Youtube channel and of course welcome to You who is not yet a subscriber! 😉 I need You !! on Youtube ☀️
Subscribe so that even more of us show art around us 💙⁣⁣⁣⁣
Why am I doing all this? Because I feel like I have a mission:⁣⁣⁣⁣
Keeping the art world open, accessible to all, continuing to want to show the world from a relevant angle, making life and especially everyone’s daily life much more beautiful. ⁣⁣⁣⁣

I would like the world to change and people to interact more with each other thanks to artists whose works carry beauty but also testimonies of our lives in this life and universal values! ⁣⁣⁣⁣

Hype Auditor my Influencer Stats today

Bureaucracy, portrait of a time UK 2019⁣⁣

『•』 Bureaucracy, portrait of a time 🇬🇧 2019⁣⁣
This painting by #ClaudeMarieDubufe, a portraitist of the nobility and the great bourgeoisie under the Restoration and then the July Monarchy, reminds me of the aesthetic and economic changes in the art world that are adapting to the new realities.⁣⁣
British museums are preparing to leave the European Union on 31 October.⁣⁣
No information at this time on government funding for national museums. However, their budgets have been considerably reduced for years and this has created a lot of debate. ⁣⁣
One of the first effects of Brexit on museums should be a concern about partnerships with other museums around the world for temporary exhibitions.⁣⁣
Why? Because shipping works of art between the EU and the United Kingdom after 31 October will become more complex. We will have to assimilate the new procedures, adapt and see how they will be applied in practice.⁣⁣

There is a risk that customs procedures may become more cumbersome and require more patience.⁣⁣
We, the people who do not reside in the United Kingdom, will need proof of loans to prove to customs that the goods are in free circulation and to obtain a new graal: an export licence between the EU and the United Kingdom. A second passport.⁣⁣
Finally, if I travel alone with a work, I will also have to apply for a specific visa: This will leave me little flexibility in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Me, who loves to improvise Aha so much, I’m already starting to prepare myself! 🙈⁣⁣
However, the unexpected, on an exhibition, a last-minute sale or a transport problem, always remains a possibility…⁣⁣
Like this pretty Parisian woman of 1830, in reality a embellished representation of the painter according to codified attitudes, I remain alert, patient and a little thoughtful. We will see just after the FIAC, what the situation is ✨⁣⁣


Quand l’art prend acte de la société de consommation 🥄🥛

A l’origine de cette œuvre, 32 posters de conserves ont été posés les uns à côté des autres sur une ligne puis après les unes au dessus et à côté des suivantes comme dans un garde-manger.

C’était le 9 juillet 1962 et si je me souviens bien, c’était à New-York dans la galerie Férus créée par Walter Hopps, Edward Kienholz, and Bob Alexander. Des pionniers de l’ère moderne : Un curateur d’exposition, un artiste et un poète.

Le Pop-art entrait en galerie avant d’être aujourd’hui un habitué des enchères.

D’ailleurs, je n’oublie pas mes amis chinois amateurs d’art qui qui, je trouve sont de plus en plus stylés et ont peut-être manqué mon dernier article sur le marché de l’art 😉 👇

全球两大拍卖行都在法国亿万富翁手中。继François Pinault收购佳士得之后,Patrick Drahi入主苏富比。


博物馆也紧随潮流成为指标之一。 10场大型拍卖中有8场是由公共和私人机构举行的。艺术给亿万富翁或国家带来新的形象,当然,还有盈利能力。那些“轰动一时”的展览-例如巴黎当下的埃及展览,又或一位著名艺术家的回顾展-吸引了关注的同时也通过衍生品获得了利润。

苏富比刚与BidFair USA签署了一份合并协议,后者由传媒及电讯业巨子、艺术收藏家Patrick Drahi全资拥有。



作为Altice Europe,Altice USA,Suddenlink,Cablevision和Cheddar的首席执行官Patrick Drahi似乎不愿意改变战略并长期投资。




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