as I feel it when I think of the two artists.⁣

I observe at length this vehement painting – like that of a few centuries ago – but which has nothing, in fact, unprepared because Hans carried his precise preparatory drawings on his canvases. This gesture makes me forget where I am.⁣

Thinking of Hans Hartung also reminds me of Anna-Eva Bergman his partner. They were united over a century of disunity. ⁣

I imagine myself in one of his studios that Hans systematically drew. All of them staged shadows and light, which I find here in his work and in many of his paintings.⁣

It is one of the informal forms that make up the artistic movement “Lyrical abstraction” ⁣

Anna-Eva remained for a long time in the shadow of the one she married and then left, remarrying with another, then found again to stay with him until the end. ⁣

I really like female artists, they have something in their gesture. ⁣

Anna-Eva painted Finnmark and Northern Norway where she came from. Two places where light and space are distinct, distant and yet the atmosphere makes them meet. His in-depth work on perspective took its strength from all these layers of air and lines of light that give the impression of separating these regions. ⁣

In Hans’ work, I like the game, as I see it, between chance and tension through the composition of the coloured surfaces, here with yellow, red and blue, and these lines drawn like arrows. ⁣