Behind the most beautiful images, there is often a woman ✨

Warhol captures two completely opposite moments in this work, one of which is tragic.

Like old newspaper clippings – the effect of silkscreened ink on marouflaged paper – Jackie Kennedy arrives in Dallas, radiant and then appears her face during her husband’s funeral. Striking.

I wasn’t born in 1963.

It reminds me of Lady di, I really liked Stephen Frears’ film about this woman who seemed to have been trying to run away all her life.

These two women had to play a role in their daily lives because of their status. I like this perspective, which Andy explored with the actresses between the façade and the temporality of a world that, no matter what I do, will always surprise me with unexpected changes.

I love these two women too because they have taken their destiny into their own hands with their energy. It is not easy to be a woman when you come from a very privileged background because expectations are high and education is very codified.

Not easy either to become an overexposed woman on an international political scene…

They had another thing in common, my favorite, they were curious and interested in many things… and then, what a beautiful thing they were!