Roots & Data Vidéo on IGTV ☀️

Wine, people and art are matters of time to me. Art and wine can be enjoyed years after their production and can also be collected in a sustainable way.⁣⁣
Under the surface of the earth, in the crayons, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and where the bottom of an ocean once stood, are the roots of these vineyards and that is where the exhibition is located.⁣⁣
An atypical exhibition with a sculpture whose lights, movements and sound are animated by artificial intelligence. ⁣⁣
But what does this intelligence feed on? Of all the data recorded around the vine and wine production…. Wow. ⁣⁣

Two artists, Alice Audouin and the Ruinart teams have managed to combine tradition and modernity by giving this AI climatic data (Humidity, atmospheric pressure, temperature, rainfall, wind) as food, others on cyclical actions around the vine (bud burst, flower, harvest, leaf fall), or the monitoring of the ripening of the grapes (potential degree, acidity, berry weight, nitrogen concentration), on the management of fermentation (density, temperature), on the production of wines (sparkling, stirring, disgorging, candling, dressing), and on the activity of visitors to the site, also taking into account the time itself with a ten-year countdown out of the House’s 350.⁣⁣
Not to mention the sound you hear in the video, which comes from the wind, water, the surrounding nature and the mechanical activities of production (fermentation, stirring…).⁣⁣

I remember in particular Louise, in the video, and the gentleman in charge of environmental issues on vineyard lands (thank you for your scarf)⁣⁣
He told me that to accustom the land to a purely natural production, it had taken years… While a glass of champagne – in my hands ^^ – only lasts for a moment ;)✨⁣⁣


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