Art ahead of fashion? 🤫😎😮

In a world where images and values capture all the attention, the art world is very present on the podiums.

Since then, and even before Mondrian, there have been closer ties. I still have the impression that these two worlds have rarely been so close since the trends of Elsa Schiaparelli and Salvador Dalí in the last century.

What changes, in my opinion, is the attitude beyond the surface: A new, younger audience, whom I meet at dinner, in galleries, clubs and art fairs and in fashion houses, auction houses… seems to me more aware than before of culture and aesthetics for fashion and art.

A contemporary look for me combines a goal, projects and ambitions but also flexibility to be able to adapt.

Artists observe the world and I believe that what art brings to life in its subjects and in its view of society now affects a greater number of people.

Even the term curator is now moving from one world to another.

The website has become a partner of Frieze throughout the world. Auction houses are currently increasing their resources in the sale of private collections of great creators. I reserve for you an Instagram IGTV video on one of my visits on this subject;)

As if fashion was thinking more and more about the lifestyle of many art collectors (and not only in terms of historical buyers): Chic, discreet, visible, full of values and sometimes even tradition, stylish but relaxed, flex…


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