The number of visitors per month in a museum in China is 700k, sometimes the same as the annual number in a museum in France 🤯 A good reason to follow the museums and art galleries which export their collections (and their know-how ^^) outside the borders of their countries (Guggenheim Centrepompidou, etc…) especially to China.⁣

Nothing new for the potential in China, Chinese have a natural curiosity by historical tradition and are very fond of a high level art. ⁣

In addition, the sale of exhibitions abroad is economically and culturally profitable for diplomacy as “soft power” between countries. ⁣

Co-productions with 🇨🇵 museums around the world allow costs and works to be shared. Revenues for French museums between 2012-2018 were €0.5 million for Quaibranly €0.8 million for Chateau de Versailles 1,7 M€ for the musee du Louvre (excluding Abu Dhabi, which does not yet operate in the way envisaged by the prior agreements between the States 🙄) 1.8 M€ for the @museerodinparis 3.1 M€ for the musee Orsay & 3.7 M€ for the centre Pompidou.

After Picasso facing African art at the Abidjan Museum in 2019 and the whole wave of current African trends that I am observing around me right now ( akaa_fair art fair this weekend in Paris & record auction at Piasa_auction with 140 lots that have found takers out of 140 for an amount of 1,43 million costs included, double the high estimate forecast) it is in Beijing that the musee Picasso Paris packed its bags this year with seven aircraft for the transport of the works and a total insured value that exceeds 800 million euros ^^⁣

That’s why I chose this photo of Calder taken at the Picasso Museum in Paris.⁣