And the value of the image of a work….⁣

Does a artwork exhibited outside the walls of a museum have a higher or lower value than a work within a museum?⁣

Who owns the works in the Public domain? Does the public domain belong to the general public, to you and to me? What is the destination of a artwork for an artist?⁣

Can I take hold of a artwork I love in this space of the Tuileries like this morning? ⁣

What image does a artwork convey of me when I take a picture of myself with it? ⁣

These are many questions that I will answer in the coming months ☀️ and I have many more…. These come to mind this morning during my sunny walk in this Tuileries garden on the banks of the Seine and in an old castle that became a royal residence and then a museum.⁣

There are also many stories, poker moves, senseless manoeuvres like records set at auction and much less in galleries where, however, we, actors and connoisseurs on the market, already know that some artists will inevitably break through as with the Lemon Marilyn of Warhol’s Lemon from the original 1962 exhibition acquired for $250 and sold 25 years later at auction to Jeffrey Gundlach for $28 million….⁣Yes, crazy but it happens many times.

I am preparing a regular program for the year 2020 in and out of @instagram

Your questions about the art world are welcome 💙⁣

Tag your friends who also have questions/interests and would like to know more about the corridors and codes of the art world 👍 ⁣I need You and them to make something arty interesting for everyone 😃

Beautiful day for you!⁣

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