5 predictions on what will be the future of influencers ✨👍

5 predictions on what will be the future of influencers in the coming months and years.

In 2020, influence marketing will become essential Influence marketing programs have proven their effectiveness, as they offer a greater resonance and impact than traditional advertising.

Influence marketing has become the only way to target the youngest profiles. For this reason, this sector is, and will continue to be, essential in 2020 and should be part of any ambitious marketing strategy.

The influence marketing bubble is about to implode
In 2020, decision-makers will be more interested in the impact of influential marketing on a brand’s performance.

To increase campaign effectiveness and meet the demands of greater integration, brands will increasingly decide internally on their influence programs.

This evolution will shed a raw light on the dark side of this industry, for example on the so-called influencers who have an audience made up of fake followers.

Agencies that offer unnecessary services will therefore go bankrupt or be relegated to a logistics role, with less decision-making power.

Influence marketing will require more expertise
The influence marketing ecosystem will become more complex and diversified.

Decision makers will have to rethink their influence programs. They must now diversify partnerships with different archetypes of influencers, target several sectors and extend their actions to new platforms, for example Tik Tok to reach a wider audience.

The types of partnerships will also evolve to focus on long-term partnerships, rather than simply sponsored positions.

Consequently, content creation must diversify and adopt a multidimensional approach to engage in an appropriate dialogue with each audience.

2020 is the year of the last chance to take advantage of influential marketing
Brands can no longer afford to overshadow their influence programmes, at the risk of falling too far behind their competitors in this area.

It will become increasingly difficult to ensure quality partnerships based on shared objectives. As with football clubs, brands will have to make profitable choices to build a team of dream influencers, based on long-term relationships.

It will therefore be increasingly difficult for laggards to compete against the advantage that their competitors may have established, having developed strong paid relationships and partnerships with key influencers.

Analysis and measurement of influence is about to become a reality
The importance of influence marketing has become so great that access to new and reliable metrics has become a necessity.

More investments will be made to access the data that will allow the development of a reliable benchmark.

This will allow brands to better invest and know the real impact of their influence programs.

On the other hand, these developments will be dictated by social networking platforms that may decide to stop data access, as in the case of the deletion of “likes” on Instagram….

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