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Interaction design is taught at @royalacademyarts ⁣in London.

This design explores the new relationship to the world induced by new technologies. The approach consists in defining how people, products and services interact through experiences, services, systems and all connected objects, bots, drones, Alexa from google ^^ etc…⁣

Marguerite mixes this design (with original materials and 3D printed works, immersive sound animations, etc…) with art through her research on the consciousness of non-human beings. It was inspired by Joseph Campbell (1904-1987), a professor of literature specializing in mythology who saw the awareness of death as the source of myths and religions. [Joseph is also, do you know, the father of the classic Hollywood film patern for 70 years? 😉 ]⁣

I like that @marguerite_humeau creates these myths through animals and our environment – here the theme is global warming which will provoke a spiritual reaction of marine animals in the spirit of survival – to which she associates many specialists including scientists and even those who contradict scientists with theories that go beyond reason and current thought systems (to go further in her research).⁣

By imagining the beliefs of animals in such great danger, to the point of relying on a higher authority (the moon in the idea of this exhibition) makes me think about the fact that I can seek responsibility outside my actions or miraculous help sometimes. In vain, moreover, very often 😁⁣

Finally, what do I have to wait for more from one another instead of just believing in myself to act? ⁣

Did you know Marguerite’s work? Check out her IG page !!

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