Does artificial intelligence exist? 🦾💥💪

『•』 Long live increased intelligence! 💥

Magic or technology? To put it the way I feel ^^

I’ve delved deeper into the subject to share it with you:

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In 1956, we modeled a neuron trying to network it to create an “other” autonomous brain. First objective: Understanding natural language (very complex, still today) Without success.

In the 90s, with the learning machine, computing power was multiplied. On the basis of thousands of past examples, in 1997, Kasparov loses in chess against a machine that quickly overflies the probabilities of the estimated average of 10 to the power of 50 moves of this game.

Since the Internet of the 2000s, the available data allows to feed artificial intelligence which then creates deep learning algorithms: The machine works by association and needs thousands of comparisons. There is no immediacy in adaptation as in any form of intelligence.

In 2016, Deep Mind defeated the world champion of Go, a game more complex than chess because this game is not mathematically finite. Impossible to know the number of combinations, we just know that they are more extensive than in chess… Deep Mind is an ultra-powerful machine (1200 CPUs, 176 GPUs and several TPUs – chips – with a consumption 20 000 times higher than a human brain. All this with only one goal: to master the game of Go.

This machine does not, unfortunately, know how to do anything else. The AI is expert in a very particular field (can art be one? 🤔) it is not multifunctional. Nor can it adapt to the future, to the unexpected, to periods of social and artistic transitions. Its decisions are made on the basis of past data.

The machine is imperfect, yes, because it was designed by men.

A machine has no consciousness…

So…Does the artistic gesture require a conscience in your opinion? (What I believe) Can augmented reality (in which I believe 🙂 ) give an artist’s gesture an experience to go further in the conception of a work of art – in what do you think? – or is it perhaps just an experience for the observer?




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