『•』Is your entourage connected to visual arts, innovation and history? 📚🎆🎨

The Museum is huge, there are so many things to see, we often have a route to see the most mediatized works, among the most beautiful, to save us time.

//(Elias Opening here with Elias and Julio Le Parc)//

Always a question of making choices 🤔

Do I absolutely have to take souvenir photos of known works? Do I have to follow a guide to learn more? Should I take advantage of the

chance I have to be there, available, with friends or family and also for myself in this present, to feel and create impressions that will be my strongest memories later on?

The sculpture of @eliascrespin is a very fine work and which evolves in a continuous movement (the aluminium rods move during sequences of 1h05, initially it was 30mn aha some of my friends from the Louvre will smile 😉 because the artist has been on this project at the end of his inspiration – I love people in this world who give everything in their activity, this intensity speaks to me -.

Time stands still. I have walked up and down this staircase hundreds of times since I was a child, and thanks to this sculpture, this is the first time I see it 😅.




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