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⁣A marble dress ✨⁣

I liked very much this artwork, discovered last night, by the artist Thimothee Chalazonitis⁣.

The dress is made of marble scraps that come from several places. ⁣

Timothée transforms what is no longer, the memory of a place, an atmosphere, a collective history, into a sculpture that sits on a pedestal – a stand – or is worn as in this pic. ⁣

Congratulations to Tempé, an artist too, who moves between people – it’s the vernissage of my stories from the day before in a private place on the Champs-Élysées – giving an impression of lightness far from the 16 kilos that are on her shoulders…⁣

I see an artwork that detaches itself from the grip of contemplation. The artist’s gesture and the agility of the person activating this sculpture make it almost elusive. I am afraid it will fall and turn to dust again and I tell myself that it is too heavy to be carried. I also prefer to see it moving this way – as a memory in the depths of my memory – as opposed to a piece in a museum. Somewhat like an idea or a dialogue, I like it to move around me in this way and to ask myself a few minutes after seeing it whether I remember its details well, what I would like to remove or add, my inner impressions of colour and movement, the number of pieces in the composition, its frame (solid!It’s OMG marble), the way it’s moving or the fact that it also reminds me of Antoni Gaudí and the Facteur Cheval and other memories from my life that will perhaps forever remain a puzzle of scattered elements with which I continue to build other things and think about other ideas…⁣





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