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『•』The embraces of a painter who releases his gesture ✨ ⁣⁣

As promised to Kornel today… Even if it is late, two & twenty in the morning/night in Paris – I came back barely half and an hour ago ^^ – I post this pic of the exhibition (very ephemeral, 24 hours only…) from the 5th year diploma of @kornel_zezula at the #beauxartsdeparis ⁣⁣
I have kept an eye on his work for some time now. I have seen him go from several portraits of women, successful self-portraits and of his brother under water that could be that of a huge lake, to this painting.⁣⁣
It is of a real couple irl that has played the game of shapes and embraces with the painter 👍⁣⁣
Kornel’s gesture, in my opinion, is linked to his memory of things and people. Btw, he speaks very well of that. ⁣⁣
His painting seems to me to express also these feelings that he keeps for himself, even if he is apparently very accessible. ⁣⁣
I have always seen strength in him, even when he decided to destroy several of his paintings 🙈 😅 with which he was no longer satisfied… ⁣⁣

His gesture is lively and more immediate than it seems and I really like that in him. ⁣⁣
When he sleeps little and lets his emotions run on the canvas without stopping them, without thinking too much, sometimes on sundays in the studio, the expressions on his faces are precise, dense and they each tell a true story. ⁣⁣
None of his work leaves anyone who knows him and shares his studio indifferent – and there are talents around him there !⁣⁣
Here, I feel the struggle that is emancipating itself in him. ⁣⁣
To you who reads me here, everyday, thank you for being there. Without you, sharing would be meaningless.⁣⁣



『•』Behind the curtain of Art Basel 💥⁣

『•』Behind the curtain of Art Basel 💥⁣

This print on canvas of #stevenschearer here beyond seeing again a superb car 😉 – about a recent post on Instagram – reminds me of a recent spectacular sale… ⁣

Steven gathering images of newspapers that they take back under printing as if he was dealing with archives. ⁣

The visual effect, especially since the canvas is quite large, makes me want to examine the details & the colors and pigmentation give film effect to me that can be watched…I feel like I see an image behind a 1970s camera.

A movie like the “film” I saw at one the last NYC auctions sales – The Rabbit – of #Jeffkoons. ⁣

By taking the figures from the last sales and comparing the information between them, I discovered that the race between the auction houses was very creative. ⁣

These operations are quite recent and very modern in my opinion: ⁣

A good international marketing – With timing & a Teaser – on each major sale has become a sine quanone condition to perform a sale. ⁣

But there are also levers to activate to present record figures.
The idea of a record is an audible asset that attracts attention and facilitates the promotion of the – undeniable – know-how of these Houses.

For Jeff’s sale, Christie’s recently increased its commission rates.


The Rabbit was awarded $80 million – the same amount as the last #davidhockney record yes the same ^^ – plus the 11.1 million commissions revalued in a transparent way for those who look more closely at the market…

This allows to access a higher figure than David’s 😉 and claim a new record ✨

On occasion, I will tell you too about the commission rates in Art…

Concerning the buyer, it seems to be Steven Cohen, a collector trader accompanied by the gallery owner Robert E. Luchon, father of Donald Trump’s treasury secretary and ex Goldmansachs…

The world of finance and art as an investment are now fully linked to the contemporary art market ✓

Have a nice week-end !! & don t forget there is a contest in progress until sunday on my Instagram for The Jeu de Paume 😉 🔹🔸🔹⁣

⁣My Art Basel 2019 Map Tour 😉

NYC Sales Auctions May 2019

『•』 Looking back at the sales results 🗂️ in New York auctions, I am pleasantly surprised to see Sotheby’s restore, with remarkable mastery, a healthy balance on the prices of the artworks sold. ⁣
This has certainly, I think, also had the effect of increasing their overall sales. ⁣

It is a positive sign for the modern art market in my opinion and a signal for high-profile investors. ⁣

I could mention the spectacular prices that have punctuated the media coverage of the latter in art magazines/Reviews – a big thank you to the auction houses that sent me their reports 👌✨ – ⁣

But…I prefer to stress the fact that, apart from a few highly sought-after pieces more singular or rarely seen before, the prices of many modern and older artworks have become more realistic. ⁣

One of the medium- and long-term effects of this rebalancing is a greater assurance of having works that increase in value over time instead of stagnating, or even ending up being sold much later below their evaluation… ⁣

I always think of my artist friends whose current or future careers depend on these better regulated prices and of course also of my clients investors and collector friends in search of wonderful treasures…

To be continued ! ⁣

By the way, the artwork on this pic is from #andreraffray & #marcelduchamp …It is about Chocolate 😉 What do You think it is ?? ⁣

Venice 2019 Awarded Pavilion 🔸🔹🔸 #youshouldfollowmeoninstagram

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Middle Market Number’s 2019

Sotheby’s 2019 🗞️

Modern or contemporary balance? ☑️

This sculpture by Isabelle de Gouyon Matignon reminds me of the #bauhaus and one of my favourite works, which I regularly read again, on the history – among other things – of Régine Pernoud’s architecture in Paris (2 relevant volumes). I see cubes, a building, a structure in itself and finally a shape that I usually look at. That of a silhouette that could be a dwelling… in the sense of the history of art and modern architecture, in my opinion. I obviously like the colour red very much, I find that it makes this work vibrate and gives a light that makes me see only her here, forgetting even my friends around me. Red is a color that always dances in front of me when I look at it. A color of life. Isabelle’s work, which I don’t know yet, restores images that come to her mind as finite visions of something. Memories, actually? Because in my eyes, here I see the memory of buildings built in the 20th century and sometimes classified as futuristic, while I think that the inhabited forms of our future will be different, more rounded, less imposing, more human, sustainable and accessible… To all. The world is changing fast and new values are shaking up old norms. In 1900, with Art Nouveau, there was already this feeling for me. A feeling can be extinguished and reborn and I can believe that everything is new, long after… I also like very much here the fact that the air and light, as in a work of #francoismorellet that I showed in my feed, crosses this work. After a few seconds of observation, I no longer see a model or sculpture but an entity that lets me free to enter and exit, to go around and even to say that I could surprise her in a room bathed in the sun… For Parisians, don’t forget tonight;) 😘🔸🔹🔸

Coachella 2019 ☀️


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